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Welcome to Made With Butter

I grew up reading. As a child, there was nothing I liked more than getting lost in a book for hours on end.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about that. I did, however, have an admittedly strange approach to highlighting. Unlike other avid readers, I didn’t highlight unfamiliar words or significant paragraphs. Rather, I highlighted any and all mentions of food.

Don’t ask me why. I can only tell you that I found the detailed descriptions of food, whether they were of a multi-course meal or a single slice of cake, just as integral to the plot as well-developed characters and unexpected twists.

Now, many years later, I like to think those culinary descriptions set the foundation for Made With Butter, an independent website inspired by the pivotal role food has played in our lives. As you scroll through the pages, you will find that each contributor demonstrates the same passion for food as I did back in my highlighting days. I am so grateful to them for agreeing to share their stories with all of you.

You may be wondering why I chose the name Made With Butter. Simply put, butter represents everything I love about food. It is exciting and comforting with endless possibilities. Anything made with butter makes us feel as if we are about to enjoy something special.

With all that said, I truly hope you enjoy reading the enclosed stories—and please feel free to get in touch. We can be reached at

Warmest wishes,
Angie Harrison, Founder, and the Made With Butter team