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In Case You Want to Impress a Boy Who Doesn't Like Sweets

Wait . . . why are you dating someone who doesn't like sugar introduced into every possible food scenario? This seems suspicious to me. Is the lack of passion for cookies and ice cream one of your relationship deal-breakers? No? Well then make this fine gentleman a batch of Spicy Jalapeno Cheese Scones. You might also try the Blackened Corn on the Cob with lime and chili pepper. So easy. So impressive. He'll love you with his heart, and his spicy tongue will convince him that you are not messing around.

In Case You Just Drank Wine For Dinner

Warning: do not just have wine for dinner. It's not healthy. The night will mostly likely end in tears or a cry-fight with your tweezers and ultra magnifying mirror. Just wine for dinner is not a thing that strong, independent ladies do with their evenings.

Now . . . wine and Spicy Sweet Popcorn for dinner is a totally acceptable option. Acceptable and encouraged.

In Case Your Mother-in-Law is Coming Over for Dinner

Do you know what this means? This means that you're about to be a part of a passive aggressive cook-off. It's entirely possible that you have a miraculous relationship with your mother-in-law. Still though, she's always got her eye on you, and whether you'd like to admit it or not . . . she's judging your cooking. She's probably also bringing over a backup lasagna, in case you burn dinner. Ah, she of little faith! You've entered a cook-off and it's time to shine. Go big. Go Apple Raspberry Pie!

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