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Serving Suggestion: Not Your Typical Boxed Dinner

I recently attended a lovely dinner party where, to the guests’ delight, meals were presented in beautifully decorated cardboard boxes. Inside each box was an assortment of small dishes on disposable dinnerware. These boxes made it easy to serve dinner, easy to clean up and easy to take home leftovers. Best of all, they built up excitement, as we couldn’t wait to open them. -Angie Harrison

1. You will need plain boxes with removable lids. Wrap the sides and bottom with craft paper.

2. Glue a piece of cardstock to the top of the lid. Wrap the sides of the lid with ribbon.

3. Print out a personalized message using cardstock or other nice paper. Cut out and glue on top of lid.

4. Line the inside of each box with cardstock. Place food inside just before serving.